Sap Schedule Agreement Jit

An alternative would be to use customer-independent requirements – enter weekly and monthly Qtys forecasting and enter standard orders (with or without multiple classifications) to represent real fixed Qtys. The appointments are very pleasant when the customer sends EDI data (830s – forecast or 862s – GEE). Apart from that, you can really cause problems in terms of daily maintenance, no requirements, Cum Qty corrections, account processing, etc. (1) – calendar agreements allow you to have 2 sets of different time lines (VBEP-ABART). Standard SAP You should have two sets of tabs – divisions. One prognosis – the other JIT. The forecast transmits the classifications to the planning (in MD04) and JIT transmits them to the shipment (VL10). They may be the same or different. They are generally used for customers who provide components (i.e.

the automobile). The customer makes available to you 4-10 buckets per week (usually a To view the delivery plans of a delivery plan, select them, then select Goto –> Display . You get the display of the classifications that are part of this delivery plan. You can also view it in graphic form. In the component outsourcing industry, there are generally rules on how and how much material should be packaged. To enter such a proposal, go to the preview screen of the delivery plans. In the Rounding Quantity field, enter the amount of the item to be packed. Then select Edit –> packaging proposal to reach the packaging screen. For more information on the packaging, check out the shipping package. The functions described in it can also be used in the delivery plan. The RZ order type must be reserved for returns for a delivery plan with delivery plans. There are two possible scenarios: (2) Cumulative quantities are tracked and influence how the schedule agreement transmits forecasting and shipping requirements.

These Qtys are sometimes requested by the customer on asn. Cumulative qtys reset at the end of the year, unless you have a customer calendar or you haven`t changed SAP users to not reset. To make a comparison, select two generations of delivery plan and select Goto –> Compare. You reach the numerical comparison indicator. If you also want to view the comparison graphically, select Goto –> graphic display. You can access the graphic display. Some automakers ship delivery plans from their suppliers in the form of weekly volumes. They also contain additional indicators that indicate that weekly quantities will be distributed and delivered on certain days of the week. These delivery intervals are defined according to the distribution function code and by selecting the different delivery days.

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